Gin & French

Gin & French

The ‘Gin and French’ harks back to the traditional gin cocktails of the 1860’s, when Gin was at the height of it’s popularity in London and the ratios of Gin and Vermouth were equal.

Gin & French is also the pseudonym of Sheila Benson, a musician from Dorset, who specialises in creating mysterious and reflective lounge and downtempo soundtracks for those dark winter nights.

Sheila is largely influenced by classic french synth-pop, obscure movie soundtracks and modern classical music. Her favourite artists are Neu, Marc Moulin, Brian Eno, Liquid Liquid, Ennio Morricone, and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

We knew, as soon as we received the music that makes up Distilled, that we just had to work with Sheila. We find her music highly imaginative, vivid and colourful.

During the end of 2016, we worked with Sheila to apply the final polish to the music of Distilled, adding the finishing touches to a beautiful collection of music. We’re very proud of the end result and we hope that you like it too.

Distilled is available as a free download from our Bandcamp page. You can also watch several official videos from our official YouTube channel.


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